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Nomination shortlist Birth Rites Collection Biennial Competition 2020 for New Works (UK)

Woven photographs


Feeling connected with my birthfamily and the generations before me, I treasure my (old) photographs. Especially now it’s almost sixteen years ago my birthfamily and I broke up. Although we are not physically connected anymore, I see those generations within these two photographs: my mom pregnant with me (1979) and me pregnant with my son (2005).
By weaving these photographs I connect with my spiritual familyline.
Going through my albums, I often saw this photograph of my mother after giving birth to me in the hospital. Back in those days the father usually waited outside or at home. The father of my child was there with me to welcome our child into our family, our chance to smash this norm of seperation.
By weaving these photographs I lay beside my mother, both giving birth to and welcoming our first child.
As a young girl I did not feel at home, more at ease being on my own. As a young adult I wondered where I truly belong. I had never heard of an intergenerational trauma, until a few years ago. I felt it all those years, not understanding what was happening within my birthfamily.
By weaving these photographs I cut through the umbilical cord to break the legacy of grief and loss.
My mother laid me next to her, body-to-body, and gazed down on me. Her milk fed me, nurtured me and made me grow. As my eyes met my son’ tiny eyes during these magical moments, my milk let him grow as well as grow my faith in me being a mom.
By weaving these two photographs her and mine mother milk nurture our familyline.
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