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Artist bio

Isabelle Zumbrink (1979) is a Dutch self-portrait photographer, analoge photocollagist and artzine-maker.

​When she was a little girl, she made collages and zines by collecting and pasting images from magazines and newspapers in little (handmade) notebooks. The images usually were of animals and pop-idols.
She studied photography at a private institution, BA Social Work/Community arts at Hogeschool de Horst and MA Genderstudies at Utrecht University. She is now studying Graphic Design with open source programs to become an small independent bookdesigner & -publisher as well.
For almost ten years Isabelle worked as a coördinator of community arts projects with girls and women (of color/migrant/low-class).
Since 2017 she is an ARTivist in the representation of the female witin the Western arts.

Isabelle works and lives in Schiedam, she is in love with Jasper and she is co-parenting her children of 10, 15 & 18 years.

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