Isabelle Zumbrink (1979) is a photocollagist, self-portrait photographer, artistic researcher, creative writer and artzine-maker.

​When she was a little girl, she made collages and zines by collecting and pasting images from magazines and newspapers in little (handmade) notebooks. The images usually were of animals and pop-idols.

She studied photography at a private institution, BA Social Work/Community arts at Hogeschool de Horst and MA Genderstudies at Utrecht University. 

For almost ten years Isabelle worked as a coördinator of community arts projects with girls and women (of color/migrant/low-class).

Since 2017 she is an ARTivist and arts-based researcher in the representation of the female identity in Western art and visual culture.

Isabelle works and lives in The Netherlands and is co-parent of her three children of 8, 13 & 16 year.