‘To my body, with love’

** Call for submissions **

Honor your mother-body with a love letter. Share your struggles, faith, doubts, fears, shame, anger, passion and love in a (online) zine, together with other mothers. Our stories make us stronger & healthier in loving ourselves and our mother-bodies!

I am looking for love letters from mothers…

  • who gave birth to one or more children (also still born or deceased); whether you had/have a baby, teenager or adult children
  • who are married, single, LGBTQA+ and/or other family situations
  • of any race, religion and class
  • from over the world
  • who want to share their story within a love letter
  • love to be creative, you don’t have to be an professional artist to submit work!

Your love letter can be in any 2D artistic discipline: writing, poetry, drawing, painting, textile, photography, collage or mixed media.

Your love letter will be published on www.tomybodywithlove.nl (to be launched in spring 2020), so spread the love!

Love letter guidelines

  • Your love letter can be focused to your whole postpartum body or a specific part of it.
  • You can send in new work or work that has been published before. Be sure you have permission to send in your already published work.
  • You are the rightful owner and therefore original creator of the love letter you submit.
  • Any form of violence as racism, discrimination, hate speech and so on, is excluded from publication. As the editor I retain the right to decide to excluding a love letter. The online zine is based on inclusion and intersectionality so to create a safe space where we can share our stories.

Artistic guidelines


  • These artistic disciplines are welcome: short story, poetry and graphic novel.
  • Any language is possible! Please send your love letter together with a translation in English because the basic content of the online zine is English.
  • Feminist erotic language is very welcome, but no mainstream porn or explicit work.
  • Maximum length of your letter is two (2) A4-pages.
  • You can submit your letter within your email or in an attachment (Word, Pages or PDF).


  • These artistic discipline are welcome: drawing, painting, textile, comics, photography, collage and mixed media
  • Feminist nudity and erotic visuals are welcome, but no mainstream porn or explicit work.
  • Please send me your scan(s) in .tiff or .jpg (150-300 dpi).

Submission guidelines

  • You can send in one (1) love letter
  • Send in your name, where you live and -if you have one- your Insta-account
  • An anonymus love letter is possible, let me know when you send in your submission
  • When you submit, you automatically give me permission to publish your (anonymus) love letter online and in a future paper zine
  • You maintain all (copy) rights of your love letter
  • You can send your love letter any time of the year 🙂
  • Send your love letter to me (Isabelle Zumbrink; glow@glowbyisabelle.nl) or through Wetransfer.com when necessary.

Please, don’t let these guidelines make you feel discouraged. I do this to make sure we all know know what to expect, wish for and create a safe space.

I am looking forward to your love letter!

With love from Isabelle