In my work as a photocollagist, self-portrait photographer and artzine-maker I portray the daily struggle, contradictions, celebrations and the beauty of being a mother, artist and woman. My work is about feminist mothering, beauty, sexuality, mental health and loving your awesome self!

The woman as a human being and the female (naked) body intrigues me. For example the Madonna/Whore-complex. The Madonna is the ‘holy mother’ who dedicates her life completely to being a (non-sexual) mother. The Whore is a mother who also sees herself as a woman and as a sexual being, so, therefore, she is a bad mother. Maybe even not a ‘real mother’. This all has to do with the intersectional between gender and sexuality in being a parent, seen by society/politics/culture/etc. This interaction within parenthood is different for a woman than a man because a father is (more) ‘allowed’ to be a sexual human being than a mother.

At this moment I work a lot with sexuality in relation to motherhood and beauty. In 2016 I discovered the photo project ‘The bodies of mothers’ of Jade Beall. This was the start of a visual journey in representation, positivity and consciousness in the self love of my body after three pregnancies. The so-called flaws of the/my body, like stretch marks supposed to be, don’t exist but are made up by society/beauty industry/media to make you feel bad and insecure about yourself.

With my collages, zines and especially my self-portraits I fight for the representation of all kind of bodies of mothers, women (of colour) and sexual beings within the art, media en visuality.

I am a beautiful, awesome, sexy and worthy woman.

You are a beautiful, awesome, sexy and worthy woman.

We are beautiful, awesome, sexy and worthy women.

Glow and love your awesome self ❤️

Isabelle Zumbrink || Glow by Isabelle